• Information is designed for maximum learning and processing
• Simple step by step process that produce results
• Programs customized for each audience
• Managing Emotional Health decreases health care cost
Unique Program Benefits for Audiences
• Understand how to be emotionally healthy
• Set boundaries and manage stress
• Discover how to increase productivity
• Design a plan for a better life
Most Requested Keynotes
Emotional Wellness- Your Competitive Edge
Have you been searching for that competitive edge that will help you stand out in the crowd and reach the top? The secret is learning how to manage your emotions. The most successful people have mastered the art of logic vs. emotions. This session helps audiences discover how to think logically and make powerful decisions that will propel them to the top. The strategies learned can be implemented immediately for life changing results.
Emotional Wellness in the Workplace
Why are so many people sick? With the rising cost of healthcare, we simply cannot ignore the root cause. Research indicates that 75 – 90% of health problems start with emotions and stress? Understanding how to manage your emotions will not only increase your productivity in the work place and bring balance to your personal life, but will also help keep you physically healthy. In this powerful keynote, audiences learn how to manage their emotional and physical health. The tips and techniques have an immediate impact on audiences and help companies add to the bottom line.
The Secret to Managing Your Life
Starting with job duties, deadlines, projects, meetings, conference calls, family, and personal time the challenges of trying to keep it altogether it can be overwhelming. I mean after all, there are only so many hours in the day and so much energy that you have to get things done. In order to balance and manage your life there are some key steps that will help you get what you want out of life. Learn the five critical keys to balance and how to get the most out of your life.
The Secret to Getting Rid of Toxic People
Did you know that people can literally make you sick? Do you have someone in your life that is sucking the life out of you? How do you get rid of/ manage them? This is a universal problem that everyone has dealt with at some time or another, but no one was taught how to do it effectively. In power packed session audiences learn strategies to manage difficult people and techniques that help them to remove them out of their space.
Reaching Your Leadership Potential
Is there a leader inside of you waiting to emerge? Are leaders born are self-taught? Certain personality types lend themselves to natural leaders but leadership skills can also be a learned. Learning the art of leadership is imperative to progress and productivity that will enhance your career and daily living. Discover the steps to achieve your leadership potential.
Programs can all be customized to Corporate
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